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Mental Attitude
Students Athletes Need Break from School After Concussion. A new report reveals that children and adolescents with a concussion may need more time to adjust to learning following a head injury, as returning to academics too early could worsen concussion symptoms. Further research is needed to determine the role and effects of cognitive rest following a concussion and to determine the best ways to help a student who is recovering from a head 
American Academy of Pediatrics, October 2013

Health Alert
Breast Radiotherapy Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease. According to new research, patients in early stages of breast cancer who receive radiation to the left side of their body in a facing-up position are at a higher risk of heart disease. 
JAMA Internal Medicine, October 2013

Education Key to Healthy Eating. The socio-economic "healthy eating" gap may be overcome through the introduction of easily accessible education programs. A study involving low-income women from varying ethnic backgrounds showed that participating in just three classes covering shopping and budgeting, cooking, and growing vegetables improved their produce consumption as well as reduced their fast food intake. 
Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, November 2013 

Exercise is Good for Both Mother and Baby. Research out of the University of Montreal finds that a pregnant woman can give her baby’s brain the extra boost it needs to develop faster by exercising 20 minutes a day three times a week. The researchers reported, "Our results show that the babies born from the mothers who were physically active have a more mature cerebral activation, suggesting that their brains developed more rapidly." 
University of Montreal, November 2013

Manual Therapy Helps Colic. A study involving 43 infants younger than eight weeks of age who cried greater than three hours a day for a minimum of four of the previous seven days received two weeks of spinal manipulative therapy or occiptio-sacral decompression. After seven days, crying was significantly reduced in both groups. At day 14, sleep was significantly improved in both groups while crying continued to decrease. Four weeks after the 
completion of treatment, colic had resolved in 82% of the spinal manipulation group and 67% of the occipito-sacral decompression group. 
Clinical Chiropractic, September 2008 

DIY Projects and Gardening Reduces Risk of Stroke & Heart Attack. A recent study of over 4,200 people 60 years and older revealed that keeping active through gardening or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects cut the risk of stroke and heart attack by up to 30%. British Journal of Sports Medicine, October 2013 

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