Office Process / Forms

So we can provide the best care possible, Please fill out 30-A Medical's Patient Information Form below:

Our form is in PDF format and requires
the latest version of Adobe Reader.
Please print out the form below and fill it out:
  • When you arrive for your appointment, a thorough consultation will be performed by Dr. Rodney Dorand, to best determine and care for your medical needs.
  • Following your consultation, you will then proceed with an in-depth physical examination. This exam includes ... The exam provides a detailed look at your general health status, as well as your specific complaint. If it is not determined that you can benefit from the services provided by 30-A Medical, Dr. Dorand will discuss options with you and provide you with a referral to the appropriate specialist.
  • After the exam, Dr. Dorand may determine it necessary to further assess your condition through x-rays, which will be ordered at that time. Dr. Dorand uses the information from your consultation, exam, and x-rays (if taken) to establish a diagnosis and individualized treatment plan developed specifically to provide you maximum benefit.
  • On the following visit, Dr. Dorand will discuss a detailed report of findings with you, including a recommended schedule of care. You will begin your recommended schedule of care on that day.